Hard Games

Short Documentary - Participated in Exile Short Doc Festival (Athens) in 2013.

Production date: 06/2013

Runtime: 9' 20''
Costas Aggelis (Coach)
Yiorgos Fountoulakis (President of the Union of Athletes with disabilities)
Antonis Karamitsos (Goalball athlete)
Maria Stamatoula (Golden medalist in Paralympic Games - Hammer Throw)

Two athletes , one coach and the president of the Federation of the Disabled recount the difficulties they face in Greece of 2013 in terms of accessibility to sport facilities, workouts and ultimately the financial assistance that has been frozen because of the economic recession. For the presentation of the documentary I chose a friend with a disability just to make it clear that the exclusion of these individuals cannot exist in a society that wants to call itself modern and thoughtful. Participated in the "Exile Room" Short Documentaries Festival in August 2013.


Research: Aggelos Andreou
Camera: Yiorgos Pagonis
Presented by: Yiannis Ahladiotis
Directed and edited by: Aggelos Andreou